Already over 33 years we are active in the beautiful Wetter on the Ruhr – in the Hochstraße since 1994 to professionally guide you in the areas of the classic Physiotherapy, Reha Sports and the Medical Fitness. Our team consists of both young and experienced physiotherapists and gymnastic teachers – for your best possible advice and support.


Medical fitness

Our offer in the field of medical fitness essentially includes two fields of action.

Medical health circle

Healthy training


Our training circle is a unique combination of strength and endurance training. You train all major muscle groups in terms of stance and joint stability. Overweight is reduced.

Training for all ages

For a strong and painless back – For a more active metabolism – For a young heart and general health

Movement is an important factor in achieving or maintaining a high quality of life at any age. Whether you're doing rehab sports or just wanting to do something for yourself, whether you're young or old – with us you train among like-minded people.

In our circle you are only training properly

Avoid the four common mistakes that are inevitably made in gyms with conventional equipment.
  • Automatically the right adjustment of the seat and lever positions
  • Automatically the right weights
  • Only controlled movements
  • Training with the right heart rate



    One of our physiotherapists programs the training program on your personal chip card. When training, simply insert your chip card into the milon exercise equipment and within seconds, the devices automatically set to your personal values.
  • SAFE

    The equipment training and classes are conducted by specially trained instructors and physiotherapists. This combination guarantees you the right choice of weights, optimal ergonomic device settings, controlled movements, a healthy heart rate through the Polar heart rate measurement during training, a continuous muscle and condition building.

    In our training circle, a previously determined resistance is automatically generated when lifting and lowering the devices.

All this means a personal, time-saving and healthy) workout. {specialclass_end|content_text

Galileo vibration training

Full activation of the muscles

The system works like a seesaw: you stand on this seesaw and get yourself trained. The fast rocking movement of the training platform causes a pelvic tilt of the pelvis, as in walking – only much more often. To compensate, the body responds with rhythmic, reflex-controlled muscle tension. So you do not have to consciously activate your muscles, but the muscle contraction is done through the so-called stretch reflex. Through this training, the musculature from the legs up into the trunk is activated, the circulation especially in the legs significantly increased and the metabolism stimulated.

Increase of efficiency in therapy

Galileo vibration therapy can be used in combination with many "conventional" therapies such as manual therapy. Due to the high repetition rate in a short time, Galileo can help us as therapists to increase the efficiency of the therapy significantly.

By the vibration training with Galileo we offer you:

Muscle power

  • Increased muscle performance and muscle strength
  • Muscle building after immobilization
  • Prevention of osteoporosis
  • Pelvic floor exercise, prevention of stress urinary incontinence muscle function
  • Improvement of muscle function
  • Improvement of elasticity and flexibility
  • Muscle loosening, prevention of back problems


  • Improvement of balance and coordination
  • Fall prevention

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