Already over 33 years we are active in the beautiful Wetter on the Ruhr – in the Hochstraße since 1994 to professionally guide you in the areas of the classic Physiotherapy, Reha Sports and the Medical Fitness. Our team consists of both young and experienced physiotherapists and gymnastic teachers – for your best possible advice and support.


Rehabilitation Sport

After a physiotherapy or chronic illness, your doctor may prescribe you rehabilitation sports.

You can join us in groups of up to 15 participants on a qualified training and development program tailored to your needs. It should be noted that rehab sport is only prescriptive as a supplement to rehabilitation. It can not replace the Remedies Ordinance. If you are prescribed rehabilitation sports, although the diagnosis may require physiotherapy instead, we will contact the prescribing doctor and discuss the procedure with him.

Usually 50 workouts are prescribed, which you can complete within 18 months. The duration of a workout is 45 minutes. The costs are covered by your health insurance. Also from our side no further costs come up to you.

Target groups:

  • Range of musculoskeletal system
  • Spinal and postural damage
  • Function restriction upper limbs (including endoprostheses)
  • Function restriction lower limbs (including endoprostheses)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle and joint gymnastics

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